Project Begins

Eric and Shari

Eric Mead and Shari
with Tim’s
Cylinder and Coins
February 18, 2012
(exactly one year after
Tim’s Memorial)

Hi, I’m Tim’s sister Shari. To everyone who loved Tim and in an effort to memorialize his contributions to the art of magic, I am going through my brother’s personal notes, computer, and materials to put together the definitive publication of Tim’s work. I am working with Eric Mead, a long-time personal friend of Tim’s, a world-renowned magician in his own right, and the perfect person to write about Tim’s contributions to the art of magic.

Tim had two manuscripts well under way (Cylinder & Coins and his Memorized Deck) and two Table of Contents for his future magic and mentalism publications. We wish Tim had completed these writings himself and reaped the rewards of seeing his work published, but because Tim always wanted his work to live on, my family, with Eric’s great help, is moving forward to publish Tim’s work. Tim loved and was passionate about magic, and we want his passion and contributions to the art to be available to the magic world.

If you have information, stories, correspondence, emails, and/or videos that might contribute to this project (we’re specifically searching for video of Tim performing his Cups & Balls and Torn Newspaper routines), please contact me:  shari (dot) timconover (at)  No questions asked if you have video. We’ll be grateful that you have it!

Eric and I hope that Tim’s publication will be available within the next few years. I’ll post updates as we get closer.

This website is to memorialize Tim. Many knew him as a magician, others knew him as a neighbor, friend, son, or brother. It is the Conover desire that all those interested in Tim Conover may read about the heart and soul of our dear Tim. Only with your help will this hope be fully realized. So if you have photographs of Tim that I can add to the Photos link, personal stories of Tim for the Stories link (include a picture or two!), or simply a correction or clarification for the website, please contact me.

Thanks so very much.

Warmest appreciation,